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A fascinating wedding dress, graceful accessories, photographs that stop the time with their colors, and two pairs of eyes that look to each other with love most importantly … When all come together, the day is reborn for us, at the end of hours worked with love, efforts get in return for love…
As we Evet Dedim, we have set out to make a present of your most memorable day and your most special smile to tomorrow. We go on the path of sincerity and love, the visual adventure we have added to our hearts has come out over the years…
We wish our way cross with yours, and our hand will be in your memorable moments…

The Team
  • The Team

Our Philosophy
  • Our Philosophy

  • Why do we do it? We think we all ask ourselves this question every time. We shoot because we see. We shoot because if we don’t, we don’t know who will. Photography is our passion.

  • Location

  • Nisbetiye Cd. Başa Sk.
    N.7 D.6 Etiler - İstanbul

    Monday – Friday 11:00am – 8pm
    Saturday/Sunday 12am – 7pm